Friday, February 25, 2011

30 advantages by keeping the gold

1. An investment for the medium and long term savings as an asset investors2. Storage of liquid assets and conduct anywhere at any time.3. It does not require third parties to the business of selling-buying, investors can sell their own gold reserves at any time4. Halal the sale and purchase of gold claimed Islam.5. Simple and easy to manage. Just save it and wait.6. Reserve assets when the economy, despite political economic system fell.7. Gold prices were stable and not ending up with the effects of inflation
"The strength of gold is unequaled. For example, the price of one gold dinar is worth about RM50 in the era of the 1960s to buy a goat in those days, now a gold dinar was worth about RM397, and also to buy a goat. "Based on this example, it is stronger than the gold value of paper money is increasing due to rising inflation," he added (Daily News - January 11, 2008)
8. I nvestments secure, if the amount of savings is large, investors can keep in bank safe deposit boxes at a reasonable rental rate.9. Assets that can be lowered to heirs without having to exchange documents, court and third party intervention10. Can be used, touched and seen with the naked eye.11. Be leased for cash while, at any time with low wage rates in the Ar-Rahnu.12. Design is beautiful and has an attractive golden color luster13. enang to be carried everywhere for its great variety of sizes 5gram - 100gram14. Can be traded without the intervention of third parties.15. As one way of saving money than spending toward things that waste.16. Relatively high demand for gold lately as many countries began to buy and avoid the constraints of dollars.17. Could be the start of a family business to keep the gold to trade.18. No tax charge except for the Muslim zakat gold.19. Buy gold in the country to help the flow of domestic currency against the purchase of imported goods only, such as Honda, Toyota and Mercedes.20. Buying gold is not only beneficial for the women themselves but also helps to husbands, children and families when circumstances warrant.21. As a gift to the wife, children and parents to appreciate them.22. Full control, as owner of the deposited gold itself, you do not need a fund manager, consultant or whatever to determine when or if to sell.23. Physical assets that can not be frozen even declared bankruptcy24. United states debt of trillions of dollars at any time be uprooted and will lead to recession in the world, due to the many countries began to buy and store gold.25. When the chaotic state of paper money has no value, only those who have gold reserves just to survive and are bound to tutup.mesin bank ATM? Erm ..26. Backup in the business capital, business and security27. Investment is not affected in any form of economic fluctuations.28. Starting a new business like Cambodia that moved to Malaysia due to the war in their country.29. The Chinese government has advised people to keep them at least 5% of their wealth by buying gold.30. DESPATCH MARRIAGE! Sapa MARRIAGE NOT BUY EMAS.LEBIH long awaited, BE HIGHER GOLD PRICE

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

what Tun Dr M said about gold coin

Metro Daily News Today 17/12/2010 Dr Mahathir launched the Gold ProductsGenneva.Tapi I'm not sure the product is either gold or gold dinar gold Genneva kuarkanBlooms, It is then the only good dinar, bars and Jewellery.

Trade between the nations now at the stage should have switched to using the golddinar as the U.S. dollar is declining.

Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir said in his keynote address, the value of goldhas never been down cause is more suitable for use in the race against the U.S. dollar.

"Gold has exchange platform better value than the exchange value of paper money.

"Before this U.S. $ 35 equivalent of one ounce is an ounce of gold emas.Hari equivalentto U.S. $ 1.400. This means the U.S. dollar has merosot.inilah problems faced by thecurrency whose value is declining rapidly and a lot of gold but there is no suchdepreciation. So when you buy and sell using the gold dinar you get real value "he said.

"I will continue to recommend the use of gold in the gold trade between nations and alsothe best storage mode" he said after delivering a keynote address at the Islamiceconomic conference keuwangan second langkawi (2life) in kuala Lumpur, yesterday.

Here we can see how great the influence of the gold dinar gold especially instrengthening the global economy, Let us bury gold terlambat.Emas more days beforegetting up, for anyone waiting then you are a rugi.Bertindaklah before soaring gold prices rise .